Series -1: Should We Fear Artificial Intelligence?

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Series -1: Should We Fear Artificial Intelligence?

Hatice Nur Dicle’s series of articles… (1) Artificial intelligence is a very complex subject that many people wonder about.

Hatice Nur Tigris‘s article series… (1)

Artificial intelligence is a very complex subject that many people wonder about. Of course, it takes time to understand and embrace this complex subject. While researching the topic of artificial intelligence, I saw that there are a lot of conspiracy theories about artificial intelligence, and this is why I

It made me even more curious. When I was talking about where these theories came from, I came across the Terminator series.

It film series can be said to be the origin of the theories put forward about artificial intelligence. I just watched the first two movies of this movie series and I realized how right people can be. Then, with my interview and further research, I come to a few conclusions. One of them is that instead of being afraid, we should take the necessary precautions and continue this way in good faith and continue to use artificial intelligence to make people’s lives easier.

The second is that we can never get rid of artificial intelligence that has been so adopted to us. Because we have a very close connection with this technology. Artificial intelligence greatly regulates and facilitates people’s lives. Even when we look at the sectoral distribution, there is hardly any sector that does not benefit from artificial intelligence.

Instead of being afraid of artificial intelligence, we should develop them further and continue to use them in good faith and to make the world beautiful.


With the development of technology, many questions have come to the fore. The most curious and asked one of these is artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence, which was only the subject of movies about 220 years ago, is frequently used today. So, what is this artificial intelligence, why are people afraid of artificial intelligence? In the simplest terms, artificial intelligence (AI) is systems or machines that imitate human intelligence and perform analyzes with the data they collect in order to perform given tasks. Artificial intelligence manifests itself in many different forms. Artificial intelligence, super-powered thinking and data analytics

relates to skills and processes. According to some, the concept of artificial intelligence is a dangerous entity that can replace human beings and should be avoided. But everyone involved in this field is aware that there is a definite difference between human beings and machines (in current technologies).


Some civilizations in history have been interested in robots. But it is not quite right to call them artificial intelligence. The talk of artificial intelligence was first raised in 1956 at a conference in New Hampshire, England. The British and Japanese played the most active role in the production of artificial intelligence. Until the 1980s, there were not many developments in the field of artificial intelligence and the developments entered a period of stagnation.

In this period, British scientists who wanted to rival Japanese scientists and artificial intelligence developments made an attack again. One of the most important developments in this field was experienced in 1997. The computer named “Deep Blue” produced by IBM defeated Garry Kasparov, one of the best chess masters in the world. Indeed, the most important factor in the attack and development of artificial intelligence is the emergence of computers. As in every branch of science, there has been a dark age in the field of artificial intelligence and technology.

This corresponds exactly to the years 1965-1970. Immediately after, technology experienced the Renaissance period (1970-1975). The years 1975-1980 are called the Partnership period. During the partnership period, scientists saw that they could also benefit from other fields of science such as language and psychology.


Artificial narrow intelligence (Narrow AI): It is at the cutting edge of artificial intelligence so far. It represents the artificial intelligence available with today’s technology.

Artificial general intelligence (General AI): Artificial general intelligence refers to the system performing all tasks better than humans. It is the name given to the type of artificial intelligence that has developed its own consciousness seen in movies.

Artificial super intelligence (ASI): Refers to super artificial intelligence. It is said that this type of artificial intelligence is even superior to the intelligence of humans and will be the solution to many problems in the world. Technology has not yet reached this level.


First of all, artificial intelligences are quite advanced in the field of voice recognition. Artificial intelligence not only recognizes the voice, but also analyzes the voice and can even give appropriate answers to the voice. Image processing features of artificial intelligence are also very advanced. Artificial intelligence not only processes the image, but also significantly shortens the processing time. Artificial intelligence is also applied in the fields of reasoning and natural language processing.

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