Serious Security Issues Arise in Qualcomm Mobile Processors

Serious Security Issues Arise in Qualcomm Mobile Processors

Qualcomm, which is the main processor of many smartphones, was found to be facing serious security problems. According to experts, devices with millions of Qualcomm processors are in danger!

The technology market is growing day by day. In this growing market, some security gaps come to light. This time, Qualcomm It turned out that some processors produced by the chip company had security problems.

This situation seems to affect millions of people. Because Qualcomm is the most popular and the first brand among the processors in the market. According to the report prepared by the site called Check Point; Due to the CVE-2020-11292 vulnerability discovered in Qualcomm modems, attackers can access your confidential information silently and without taking any action. In particular, you can listen to your personal conversations, SMS They can view and review search history.

According to experts, about 30% of all smartphones with Qualcomm platforms are vulnerable to vulnerabilities. This situation seems to affect millions of devices.

“This is an attacker’s Android“It may have used this vulnerability to inject malicious code from the modem into the modem, and the device user may have access to call history and SMS, as well as the ability to listen to the conversations of the device user.”

Also; “A hacker could also exploit the vulnerability to unlock the device’s SIM, thereby overcoming the limitations imposed by service providers.” Said.

Serious Security Issues Arise in Qualcomm Mobile Processors

In the statement made about the vulnerability, hackers and even the smartphone manufacturer itself could inject malicious code into Qualcomm’s Mobile Station Modem firmware. This means that people cannot detect the malware.

We need expert support to help us detect this vulnerability comprehensively. This vulnerability detected by cyber security experts is detected using the blur method.

However, since there are millions of Qualcomm processor users and they cannot make such an analysis for their smartphones, users may have a big security problem. Users will have to rely on the security patch that the Qualcomm brand will bring.

Qualcomm Vulnerability Detected Previously

The first vulnerabilities in Qualcomm processor modems were discovered in October last year, and Check Point Research immediately reported this to Qualcomm. In December last year, the chip maker released a patch to close the vulnerability and notified all of its customers using the affected processors. The security patches released take a long time to deploy. When a new security patch arrives, it will still take some time to reach your smartphone.

However, this will not change the fact that your smartphone is still at risk. The vulnerability itself will appear in the Android public bulletin in June of this year.

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