Skype; Has Active Noise Canceling Feature

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Skype;  Has Active Noise Canceling Feature

Microsoft firm struggles in many areas. Especially with the recent attacks of video call platforms, Skype He was out of sight. The company is aware of this situation and wants to highlight the Skype application with new updates.

For this purpose; Released the preview version designed for the video calling platform Skype. This update brings new improvements to many functions. The key to the update is that Skype users will now have active noise reduction functionality.

Environmental noise is a factor that significantly affects users’ video conferencing and calls. This feature will help users in noisy environments get better quality sound during video conferences and calls.

In addition, this new update will also bring some new features and improvements.

Where Is The Skype Update Covered:

It has gained a new feature to prevent background noise in meetings.

Less passwords: Windows By adding WAM support to 10, you can switch between multiple accounts without having to enter a password each time.

We’ve added an attendees button to Skype calls so you can see who’s on the call.

A top level Privacy category has been added to implement privacy related settings.

Also; It will offer more performance improvements on Skype.

According to Microsoft, the following new features are under development and will be available soon:

Support for Skype in Safari browser,

Skype support in Chromium-based browsers,

Support for background blur in Skype for Web,

The ability to lock the meeting,

Searching people by phone number.

The update will be available on desktop and mobile devices. As for the updated app, you can find it in the Store here.

Microsoft said its latest features will soon be available on Skype desktop and mobile devices. The latest version of the Windows version is Additionally, the UWP version of Skype is also available for download from the Microsoft App Store.

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