Solmay Full Moon on March 28 – News

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Solmay Full Moon on March 28 - News

It was named after the March Full Moon quite a long time ago. North America not, it will be taken from different southern tribes… Because we learn that there were no earthworms that disappeared after the ice age in the northern regions at that time.

These worms, which took their heads out of the ground in March, are a type of worm that the colonies deliberately brought to North America for the first time, either by accident or with the belief that it could benefit the soil.

In many regions, the full moon has been given much more interesting names related to spring instead of this reptile. Pure Full Moon; It must have been given on the basis of the clean and untouched freshness of the spring.

There are also those who call it the Warming Full Moon due to the warming of the weather and the migration of the birds, and the Crow’s Moon because of the crow’s crowing, which is the herald of the end of winter. The crow is such a disaster at every turn newsIt’s nice that they don’t see it.


The weather is everywhere, of course, it did not start to spring in March, and in connection with suddenly changing weather conditions, Haşin Full Moon or Storm We also come across the names of the full moon.

The Shell Full Moon is another name given to the layer remaining in the soil after the melting of the snow to ice with the cooling of the air at night.

People living in forests where maple resin is collected have also started making molasses (Maple syrup) and it is called Resin Full Moon because it is the full moon to say goodbye to winter.

In North America, this full moon is known as the Essence Full Moon, which is associated with the transition to spring. A name that symbolizes the purity of the water that comes from the sap should also be related to the sap or resin that flows from the trees.

This year the spring equinox is on 20 March and Easter This is the Full Moon that determines its date, the first full moon after the Spring equinox, and the following first Sunday, April 4, Easter.

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