SpaceX’s spacecraft detonated on landing

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SpaceX's spacecraft detonated on landing

Elon Musk’s Starship SN11-type spacecraft from the US-based SpaceX company exploded with a loud noise as it landed in the 4th test test. The accident in the live flight test was reflected on the cameras moment-to-moment.

ABD’nin Texas During a live test at the SpaceX facility in Boca Chica, Cameron, state, the SN11 exploded with a loud noise as it landed after a successful launch. About the explosion that took place in the middle of the test published by SpaceX, company officials interrupted the live broadcast after making little explanation.

SpaceX's spacecraft detonated on landing


Immediately after the explosion, Musk said on his social media account, “The high production rate can solve many problems. At least the crater is in the right place. It looks like the 2nd engine had problems with the rise and the working room did not reach the required pressure during landing, but theoretically it was not necessary. “Something important happened shortly after the landing burn started. Later in the day, we can learn what happened after we examine the details,” he said. After the explosion of the Starship, the scattered parts were reflected in the cameras instantly.

SpaceX's spacecraft detonated on landing

Source: İhlas News Agency

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