SpaceX’s Starship lands without explosion for the first time, Blue Origin launches auction for its first spaceflight

SpaceX's Starship lands without explosion for the first time, Blue Origin launches auction for its first spaceflight

Wednesday night witnessed two important developments in space exploration.

Wednesday night space The discovery witnessed two important developments. SpaceX Mars The Starship ship, which it aimed to use in its flights, landed for the first time without explosion after takeoff. Blue Origin The company has put its first ticket to auction for those who want to watch the space view.

Founder of Jeff BezosBlue Origin company announced that it will perform the first manned space flight on 20 July with its rocket named New Shepard.

The rocket is named after Alan Shepard, the first US astronaut to go into space with the Project Mercury Freedom 7 capsule in 1961.

An auction will be held to determine a person who will go into space with the company employees on the first flight. It is stated that the income to be obtained from here will be transferred to a foundation working to increase children’s interest in science and mathematics.

Before the passengers go up to orbit, they will descend after ascending vertically up to 100 kilometers, which is the limit of space.

“To date, only 569 people have moved more than 100 kilometers from the ground. But we are about to change that dramatically,” said Ariane Cornell, Director of Astronaut Sales, Blue Origin.

There are rumors that Jeff Bezos could also take part in the flight. Cornell did not give an answer to such questions.

After Russia ended space tourism, it was not possible for individuals to go to space by paying for 12 years.

SpaceX Starship: first landing without explosion

Tesla founder Elon Musk’s SpaceX company was able to land the Starship rocket on Wednesday night for the first time without an explosion.

Previous prototypes either failed to land, fell and exploded, or exploded shortly after landing.

The prototype SN15, which took off in the US state of Texas at 01:30 Turkish time, made a successful landing for the first time.

The Starship, which reached an altitude of about 10 kilometers, landed six minutes after launch.

Starship is planned to be used for Mars travel.

SpaceX received a $ 3 billion tender from NASA last month for Starships to move people to the moon in 2024.

Elon Musk produces 100 Starship ships every year, aiming to pave the way for people to colonize the Solar System.

Musk, who wants to make the first manned flight to Mars in the mid-2020s, thinks that humanity can create a self-sufficient colony on the Red Planet after 2050.


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