Statement of a call for cooperation from the Deputy Minister of Industry and Technology Dönmez to the pharmaceutical industry

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Sanayi ve Teknoloji Bakan Yardımcısı Dönmez

Industry and Technology Deputy Minister Çetin Ali Dönmez, academics, industry studies, the drug sector of the university in research centers, said the need to fund infrastructure, “If there is no obstacle in front of we the success of this cooperation Turkey.

Deputy Minister of Industry and Technology Çetin Ali Dönmez, academics working with the sector, medicine Stating that the sector should provide funding to research centers and infrastructures at universities, he said, “If we succeed in this cooperation TurkeyThere will be no obstacles in front of him, “he said.

Donmez, Karadeniz Technical University (KTÜ) Medicine and Pharmaceutical Technology Application and by the Research Center, which was organized through video conferencing, “Turkey on the Strengthening of the Pharmaceutical Industry Feedback, Suggestions and Prospects” in his speech at the meeting titled, Industry and Technology of the Ministry of the support of the KTU said they were satisfied with their ilafar the study.

KTÜ İLAFAR Director Prof. Dr. Dönmez thanked those who contributed to Sena Sezen and said, “This is the system we are trying to establish. We need to establish a good system independent of people and who you are. The basis of this system should be structures that cooperate with the sector. Sena has come a long way with the effort of our teacher. ILAFAR, I hope it will get even more. ” he spoke.

Dönmez underlined the importance of cooperation between universities and industry and sector representatives and emphasized that they expect both parties to take more important steps in terms of cooperation.

Pointing out that academicians should work with the sector, Dönmez made the following assessment:

“Research centers in the universities of the pharmaceutical sector, the need to fund infrastructure. If we succeed in this cooperation there is no obstacle in front of Turkey. From Believe politics, people from, who which to walk independently Turkey is in authority. In this context, the increase of the most important cooperation work we give importance to the Ministry . I am positively biased towards İLAFAR. Apart from seminars, article meetings are also held, these are very important. “

Noting that research centers such as Dönmez and İLAFAR are a hope for students and researchers, he thanked the sector representatives who supported the establishment of such centers and infrastructures.

Donmez, wishing that good cooperation will come out from the meeting, called on the sector representatives to give more support to the students and teachers who do R&D and P&D at ILAFAR.

“We contribute to employment with 40 thousand people”

Pharmaceutical Industry Employers’ Union (IEIS) Vice President Ali Arpacıoğlu said that there are 98 pharmaceutical production facilities and 11 pharmaceutical raw material production facilities in the country.

Stating that there are 12 thousand different products in the market, Arpacıoğlu said, “We have 500 companies working in the pharmaceutical industry. We contribute to employment with 40 thousand people.” said.

Arpacıoğlu, has shared the following data on Turkey’s pharmaceutical market:

“In terms of size, despite the pandemic, despite the pandemic, we are a sector of 2.2 billion boxes of consumption, and in return we are a sector that cost SGK 48 billion liras. . It’s got a way, R & D, biotechnology, domestic production that localization sustaining and export foot. this time we fulfill all fours before the pharmaceutical industry in Turkey, regional, then we have more than enough infrastructure to be spent on the global situation. “

Reminding that 92.1 million TL was spent on R&D in pharmaceuticals in 2010, Arpacıoğlu said, “We have reached 423.8 million with a growth of 360 percent in 2019. We have 1450 undergraduate, graduate and doctorate employees in our accredited R&D centers. We had 1 R&D center, with the support and incentives provided by our Ministry of Industry, the number of our accredited R&D centers reached 33 in 2020. used the expression.

Providing information to the participants about their collaborations with universities, Arpacıoğlu also shared the expectations of the sector.

“We put social benefit in the foreground in the work to be done”

KTÜ Rector Prof. Dr. Hamdullah Çuvalcı said that KTÜ, which has a history of 65 years, is a university that includes different disciplines such as medicine and engineering.

Stating that he came to the post about 7 months ago, Çuvalcı emphasized that they have worked hard to make KTU a research university, and that they provide support as much as possible to the academicians working in this direction.

Underlining that they put social benefit in the foreground in the works to be carried out, Çuvalcı said, “We want not to stay away from the problems of the province, the region and the country, here is İLAFAR.” he spoke.

R & D culture to further enhance want they pointing Çuvalc, the “K, Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey between the years 2016-2020 (TUBITAK) Scope of Research Support Programs Department programs, universities in Turkey between ranks 10th. Maybe too good not the score, but it will go higher in a few years. We want regional, urban and national development. ” said.

Stating that they brought together industrialists and university lecturers through KTÜ Scientific Research Projects (BAP) Unit, Çuvalcı said, “We provide project support with our BAP Unit, R&D is done. If you fund us, for example 50 lira, we will contribute 50 lira. Our teachers come together with the industrialists and the pharmaceutical industry. ” found the assessment.

ANNOUNCEMENT Director Prof. Dr. In the meeting moderated by Sena Sezen, sector representatives as well as various universities shared their views.

Source: Anadolu Agency / Tuğba Yardim

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