Telescope to be Built on the Moon – News

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Telescope to be Built on the Moon - News

Space is great eternity. These observations do not end.

Space is great eternity. These observations do not end. We enlarged our observations so much that the world began to not be enough for us. Now we’ve started building telescopes on the Moon to look farther.

This telescope has many advantages over telescopes on Earth. Thanks to this telescope, we will see the stars before.

When we observe the stars, we see the way they were years ago. The light coming to us from the star close to the Sun is a light from about 4.5 years ago.

Another advantage of the telescope on the Moon is that there is no atmosphere on the Moon. Telescopes on the ground have found millions of planets and stars. But analyzing them is difficult. Because some substances do not pass through the atmospheric layer. But this problem disappears on the Moon.

If the telescope is made as planned, it will be 40 times larger than the Hubble telescope.

Even with Hubble doing great things, what this telescope can do is unpredictable.


The coordinate of the telescope will be the invisible face of the Moon. This also provides an advantage for looking deep into an area.

The working method is as follows: Liquid mirror management will be used. This method will save big while being built. Of course, since it will not be possible to use liquid on the Moon, a thin foil with liquid support will be used.

Since there is no atmosphere on the moon, the telescope will be foldable to protect it from harmful rays.

This project is still in the theory stage, but if it happens we will have solved some of the mysteries of the universe.

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