That will produce a rocket to the moon Take Turkey Delta V

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That will produce a rocket to the moon Take Turkey Delta V

The news was announced by the Minister of Industry and Technology, Mustafa Varank.

NewsMinister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank announced… In a tweet he posted on April 11, Varank said, “National Space Our preparations for the hard landing, which is the first phase of the Lunar Mission under the program, continue. Developed by Delta V; “The Probe Rocket’s (SORS) propulsion system vertical firing test” and “Hybrid rocket engine test” are perfectly successful, “he said.

The tests were carried out at the headquarters of Delta V in Istanbul Sile. The 50-second ignition test of the rocket engines was successful.

Now eyes will be in Sinop next month. After the successful completion of the engine tests, the first launch test will be held in Sinop.

If this is also successful, TurkeyA big step will have been taken in the construction of the rocket that will allow ‘to go to the Moon.

That will produce a rocket that will carry Turkey Month Delta V promotional video:

Video of Minister Varank’s visit to Delta V in February:

Varank, Turkey’s moon mission, he explained:

2023 AND 2028 TARGETS

“In the lunar mission, we have a two-stage goal in 2023 and 2028. In 2023, we want to make contact with the Moon for the first time using our own national and original technologies. In the first leg of our mission, we will make a hard landing on the Moon. troops, but we will fire our own national and original rocket in Earth orbit and bring our spacecraft to the Moon. “

Stating that Delta V developed the national and original hybrid engine technology, one of the most important pillars of the lunar mission, Varank said that the company was established in 2016 and that it has been working on access to space since 2017.

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced that Turkey’s road map in the space of 10 years and this is one of the most important components of the road map ‘Moon Mission’ Noting that Varank, continued as follows:

“Then we started to hear from the fact that the name of we the Delta Company V day often. As you know, the Moon mission in our goal of Turkey in 2023 can reach the moon its own spacecraft. Here all the capability in Turkey, we want to use all our companies capabilities. Delta V, especially in the world A company belonging to the Presidency Defense Industry Presidency, whose hybrid rocket engines are considered as a new technology. Our teacher Arif (Karabeyoğlu) carries out all these processes. Today we witnessed two firings. we have witnessed the firing. at the same time the moon mission, so we have done the test of a smaller engine again firing we have planned to use the space. as you know, Turkey in particular show the world the capabilities in space applications, but also to commercialize this ability, a country wishing to obtain further economic benefits. So The technologies you have developed in this field are very valuable. “

Source: Space Mage Turkey

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