The Asteroid That Destroys the Dinosaurs Created the Amazon!

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The Asteroid That Destroys the Dinosaurs Created the Amazon!

The asteroid that destroyed the dinosaurs gave life to the Amazon rainforest.

The asteroid that destroyed the dinosaurs Amazon gave life to the rainforests.

12 km wide space When the stone hit Earth 66 million years ago, one of its effects was to change the life of plants in the tropical rainforests in South America.

When 56 thousand pollen and leaf fossils were examined, the great change in the vegetation types estimated to have existed before the asteroid hit was revealed. Dr. Mónica Carvalho stated that the fossil records they studied with his teammates differed before and after the impact.

“We are learning that, under a sudden impact, tropical ecosystems are not only able to renew themselves, but can also be filled with new ecosystems in a long period of time,” said Carvalho, adding that before the crash, the forests on the Mexican Yucatan peninsula were covered with coniferous pine trees and ferns.


Of course, as a result of this impact, many plants that gave seeds in particular were completely destroyed and there was a 45 percent reduction in the diversity that made up the vegetation. Subsequently, in this 6-million-year period, spaced trees were replaced by flowering plants and a dense upper plant layer.

The devastating effect of the asteroid was a wiping event from the earth, and this event is known as the Cretaceous-Paleogene (K-Pg), as a result of which 75 percent of the animals living on Earth were eradicated because the effect was felt simultaneously on every continent of the Earth.

Pollen fossil samples taken from China, New Zealand, and the American states of Alaska and New Mexico all suggest that the plants underwent similar changes.

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