The Competition Authority said “It will not come into effect”! Confusing Turkey statement from WhatsApp

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The Competition Authority said "It will not come into effect"!  Confusing Turkey statement from WhatsApp

There was great controversy after WhatsApp’s confidentiality agreement, which envisions data sharing, was required to be approved by users. It was stated that the Competition Authority was informed that the update would not take effect in Turkey, where many people stopped using WhatsApp. In the statement made by WhatsApp on the subject, it was noted that there is no clear situation yet.

Most used in the world newsWhatsApp, which is among the communication applications, stated that the data privacy policy was changed in the update announced in the past months and required the users to approve the contract sent. After this move of WhatsApp, TurkeyMany users, including in, have stopped using the application.


Finally, there have been new developments regarding WhatsApp’s data contract in Turkey. The Competition Authority’s attempts against contract enforcement by WhatsApp, which led to discussions of ‘data theft’, have yielded results. WhatsApp, whose defense was taken as part of the investigation initiated by the institution, informed the board that the update would not take effect in Turkey.


While WhatsApp users in Turkey were happy with the decision from the Competition Authority, confusing statements about Turkey came from WhatsApp. NewsLocated in Turkish newsAccording to WhatsApp, stating that there is no clear decision regarding Turkey yet, “We do not have a definite decision yet that the update will not cover Turkey. We continue to negotiate with the relevant authorities for the steps to be taken and we maintain our determination to provide security and privacy-based communication for everyone”. .


In its statement, WhatsApp stated that the updates are accepted by the majority and are gradually implemented all over the world, “We would like to underline that the update does not expand the data sharing rights with Facebook and does not affect the privacy of personal messages that our users send to their friends or family. We continue to implement our update gradually all over the world. We would like to point out that the majority of users who are submitted to update approval worldwide accept the update. “

It is not yet known how to resolve the confusion that occurred after WhatsApp. No official statement was made from the Competition Authority on the issue.

The Competition Authority said 'It will not come into force'!  Confusing Turkey statement from WhatsApp

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