The E-Athlete Who Doesn’t Take His Job Seriously Will Be Wiped”

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The E-Athlete Who Doesn't Take His Job Seriously Will Be Wiped"

Interview by Ümit Kenan Çeltik… We hosted Riot Games League of Legends match presenter and analyst Can (Scarlet) Çaldıran… I know that he is involved with the e-sports industry.

Hope Kenan Paddy‘s interview…

We hosted Riot Games League of Legends match host and analyst Can (Scarlet) Çaldıran…

I know that you are involved in the e-sports industry. How do people suddenly decide to do this as a profession? After all, we cannot get up and say that I will become an esportsperson.

The love of the game is the first thing that opens the door to a great extent. When you play the game well, you can attract the attention of teams and players and enter a team. I was also an esports player before I started hosting. After completing my school, I turned to the server side of the industry. There are many people working in different roles in the industry, but the common point is definitely a love of games and competition.

Can (Scarlet) Caldiran.

According to you, is e-sports a lot of hype now or is it among the professions of the future?

Esports is definitely among the professions of the future. E-sports continues to grow day by day as it has a large market share in the entertainment industry. A top professional esports player can become more recognizable than traditional athletes.

Being an esportsperson looks cool and easy, but is it really as easy as it sounds?

-It’s definitely not as easy as it looks. As all eyes are on you, you must always be in top form; individual mistakes are much more noticeable than in traditional sports. Since the retirement age of e-sports players is relatively early, you need to work very often and adapt quickly to the changing game structure. Considering all these, e-sportsmen may seem like a “cool and simple profession”, but e-sportspeople who do not take their job seriously can be wiped out in a short time.

As in any industry, toxic fans are everywhere. How to deal with them in e-sports?

I don’t think it’s possible to cope. Such people unfortunately exist wherever there is competition. Fortunately, the masses don’t really care about such people. There is absolutely no toxicity, especially in matches with spectators.

What advice do you have for people considering becoming e-sportsmen?

-Play the game to improve yourself, not to crush your opponent. If you can find things that you can do better, even in the matches you win. As long as you improve yourself, your chances of rising in the ranked ranks and attracting the attention of the teams increase greatly.

Source: Space Mag Turkey

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