The profiteering that confused the domain market! 39 thousand accounts in danger

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The profiteering that confused the domain market!  39 thousand accounts in danger

The company providing internet and telecommunication services in Turkey, where the domain names of approximately 39 thousand websites are registered, disappeared. It turned out that the company opened a trial account on the Azure platform established by Microsoft and sold the domains it obtained for free at affordable prices. After the incident broke out, company officials disappeared, while the accounts of many websites are currently unreachable.

It was claimed that the firm called TeknoClouds, which thousands of people use in domain registration due to its cheap prices, could not be reached.

about 39 thousand internet While the domains where the domain name of the website is registered could not be reached, it was seen that many of the prepaid domain names were suspended. TeknoClouds company, MicrosoftIt was learned that on the Azure platform that ‘s established, domains with a normal price of 8-10 dollars were obtained free of charge by opening a trial account and sold these domain names for a price of 4 dollars. It was claimed that the company, which attracted the attention of many users thanks to its affordable price, kept about 39 thousand domain names in its systems.


While no explanation or solution was produced from the company about the issue, the company’s internet It turned out that the support system and live support options on the site were also removed. It was also seen that the company did not respond to e-mails and phone calls. After the problem, the social media accounts of TeknoClouds cannot be accessed.


While it was seen that many victims of the company tried to seek their rights by voicing their complaints on large forum sites on the internet, it was alleged that the company also deleted the accounts of customers who complained about it. On the other hand, some users of TeknoClouds claimed that they went to the address where the company is located, but the company moved from the address 2 months ago.


Volkan Ateş, who is a software specialist and designs websites, said, “As you know, with the pandemic internet Demand has increased tremendously. However, the domain name industry has also revived as a result of these demands. I have purchased domain names from different companies before. However, the company, which hosts more than 30 thousand domain names together with the domain names I have purchased, informed us that we can no longer access our domains.”


Stating that he lost access to the domain names he owned as of Saturday, July 3, Volkan Ateş said, “Until now, I have not had any problems with the domains we bought through this company. But as of July 3, I lost access to my domain names. Thousands of people are experiencing the same problem and situation with me. When we asked the company about this issue with the emergence of the company, they mentioned that they were “trying to deal with, applying to international law and trying to solve it”. But as it is known, with the pandemic, people are now turning to e-commerce sites, so even a single day of a site being closed causes thousands of losses.”


Stating that the company is currently not at its address and social media and phones cannot be reached, Ateş said, “At first, when we tried to reach the company, they were trying to respond as technical support. But now they have removed the support system from their site. The phones they put on their site cannot be reached at the moment. This company is a registered company with the Ministry of Commerce. They need to be a company in order to be able to make sales. They are not present at the addresses they reported. They say that their address has been moved. The victims who tried to go to the address they moved to with the police also saw that the place was closed. Currently, the company in question has disabled their social media accounts. They say that their address has been moved. as it is known. news Many platforms such as websites, e-commerce sites are hosted on the internet. “The fact that these websites are not accessible on the Internet has made many people suffer,” he said.


Emphasizing that thousands of victims are looking for a solution in the forums, Ateş said, “We pay the fees for the domain names we bought from this company to the company in advance. Domain renewal fees are paid in cash annually. However, we cannot access the domain names of the websites we paid for at the moment. We can communicate with friends who are victims like me in the forums on the Internet. “In the past, they are trying to get back the money of the domain names by paying them again. In fact, these domain names should be delivered to the victims for free, but people are now even willing to give money.”


Noting that most of the domains are lost and they cannot access the sites, Ateş said: “Many of these domain names, which cost 100 liras including average taxes, cannot be accessed. According to the statement made by the system, it is said that there are more than 30 thousand domain names within the company. Most of them are lost and we cannot access the sites. There is a company established in the USA in 1998. The name of this company is ICANN. This company keeps accounts of domains such as .com, on the internet. All companies are affiliated with this company. When we contacted the company, they said that they can’t do anything at the moment and that the registered organization should take action.Currently, I cannot access my 12 websites that belong to me.

The profiteering that confused the domain market!  39 thousand accounts in danger

Source: İhlas News Agency / Vedat Yunus İkizoğlu

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