The Secret of the “Human Face” on Mars Solved

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The Secret of the "Human Face" on Mars Solved

It’s July 25, 1976. Viking 1 space mission orbiting the Red Planet Mars took a picture. For more than 40 years, humanity has talked about aliens on Mars.

That “human face” was, according to some, a sign that humanity came to Earth from Mars. According to some, it is proof of the existence of aliens.

The world-renowned author Richard D. Hoagland’s claim was the bedside description of UFO-lovers.


According to Hoagland, the 1.6-kilometer-wide “human face” in that Cydonia region was not just a “human face.” It was actually a “city”. It was a big complex.

The Mars Express mission of the European Space Agency (ESA) revealed the truth of the “face”.

Yes, the “human face” was actually a mountain. This is the image captured by Mars Express.

This scientific statement made years later, of course, did not make UFO-lovers happy. Scientists were once again accused of deceiving humanity.

Mars Express, which reached the Red Planet in 2003, is the longest-running space mission to operate outside of Earth after the Mars Odyssey, which was delivered by the American Space and Aviation Agency NASA to the Red Planet in 2001.

Source: Space Mage Turkey

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