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Hello dear science fiction lovers.

This article is printed by “Vampire I wanted to examine the “Hunter D” novel for you.

Although there are friends among you who have just heard of this series or who will hear it as of this writing, this series actually has manga, novels and animes published in many languages ​​since the 1980s.

Japanese society conservative In contrast to being a country, the breadth of their imagination has always surprised me.

Perhaps the most important thing that distinguishes them from others; They reflect on the issues ahead of their time without giving up their customs, traditions and customs and interpret many subjects different from the continental Europe.

As a matter of fact, this situation manifests itself especially in their visual and written works, and the content of the anime and manga they publish is rich and original in direct proportion to their imagination.

Tolstoy says: “All great stories begin in two ways. Either a person goes on a journey, or a stranger comes to the city.”

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Only those with the highest abilities could become vampire hunters.

The hunter named “D”, whom Doris finally encountered, was a very handsome man wearing a wide-brimmed traveler’s hat.

In the heart of this young hunter, who almost became a legend in the war with vampires, there was a dark secret that he did not share with anyone. “

Vampire Hunter D does not break Tolstoy and chooses the second option and opens with the arrival of “D”, a silent and charismatic stranger to town.

Although we do not have much information about our character other than vampire hunting, which is his profession, in the following pages, we learn that he is a Dhampir (half human, half vampire) and carries a parasite with his own character in his left hand.

The novel indeed has a fluency that can be read and finished in one sitting, and is a good example of fantasy and gothic science fiction literature. Although the author makes use of the vampire myth we know, he consistently places it in the science fiction model. It makes an almost perfect contribution to the reading pleasure by preventing the coldness of the extremely quiet and cool state of “D”, which we may call a minor flaw, with its humorous interpretations of his left hand.

If you want to take a look at various works about Damphirs, I suggest you take a look at the “Blade” series starring Wesley Snipes and the “Dampyr” comic book series published in our country by Adventurous Lines.

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