They Will Go to Space “Beware of Their Hearts!

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They Will Go to Space "Beware of Their Hearts!

If you are planning a trip to space, this news for you!

University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center ve Texas Health Presbyterian Dallas’tan astronot kalbi newsi.

Are you ready for your heart to shrink?

Yeah it’s new newsaccording to MarsNo matter how much you stay healthy during the long journey to Turkey, your bold heart will undergo change on this gravity-free journey.

After the research results were published in Circulation magazine, the subject of word of mouth was how much Scott Kelly’s heart had shrunk during the year he spent at the International Space Station between 2015-2016.

Scott Kelly.

The human body is entering an extreme process of adapting to this new environment, for example you have heard that astronauts’ heads swell, their eyes close, their legs and bones shrink.


Neither did the change in the size of his heart have a negative effect on his health.

When gravity disappears heart It does not need to pump as much as in the world, and like other muscles, the heart also creates a rawness caused by less use.

For now, heart shrinkage is not seen as a problem in Mars missions, but if any illness, injury or a problem that prevents them from exercising occurs, it may be inevitable that they will encounter side effects such as dizziness and fainting as soon as a small heart lands on Mars.

New to NASA to keep the heart health of astronauts alive Sport I conclude our article by wishing success in the work of the activities.

Source: Space Mage Turkey

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