This is what we didn’t pollute. We flooded our darkness with light.

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This is what we didn't pollute. We flooded our darkness with light.

Have you ever thought that the nights are not dark enough? Or that the nights we live are no different from the daytime? Now if you are thinking and wondering about the answer, we will answer it. This is because of LIGHT POLLUTION.

As human beings, we do our best to make the planet we live on uninhabitable. Moreover, we are quite successful in creating new problems while all the problems that threaten our existence are under our eyes.

NewsAs .com, we discussed another problem that will cause trouble for our world and our heads. This problem, which no one is aware of or even thinks about, actually puts our world and our existence in danger more than you can imagine. When you hear how we pollute even our darkness, you will be surprised and you will understand the value of our nights, which are no different from the day.


What is light pollution that threatens our planet more and more every day? How does it occur? How does it affect people and animals? Here are the answers to all these questions NewsYou can find it in the video on the Youtube page prepared by .com for you.

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