Thrace Destex Digital Technopark and the world with cooperation and Turkey’s first “Portuan to” project comes to life

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Thrace Destex Digital Technopark and the world with cooperation and Turkey's first "Portuan to" project comes to life

With the restrictions coming from the pandemic, the game industry has become the only focus of people. In this context, it is aimed to gain a significant momentum in the in-game advertising industry with the Portuma project.

The name of the project is ‘Portuma’

Of New Dawn newsaccording to Thrace Technopark General Manager Dr. Özgür Özdemir; “The Portuma Project, which will be carried out in Trakya Technopark to ensure the marketing of in-game advertisements for game companies, will be a platform where all game companies of the world can be included in the ecosystem and receive advertisements from many advertisers. In the process, they will be able to both sell their games and receive in-game advertisements.

The first platform to cover all games

The new project, which will be developed within Trakya Technopark, will be the first platform in the world game market that can rent advertising spaces of all games, “he said.

Processes comply with KVKK

Advertisers will be able to share the data of the game users (demographic, location, interests, usage period, personal contact information) that can be shared within the scope of KVKK with advertisers via Portuma. Advertisers, on the other hand, will be able to choose the game whose statistics match the most with their brands and advertise to the relevant advertisements. With this project, an innovative system that can bring together alternative advertisers and game companies in the game industry will be created.

The most correct advertising spaces will be determined

With its excellent gaming experience, Portuma will offer the best choice to brands on a sectoral basis! By analyzing the statistics regarding the demographic information of the users, the most accurate advertising areas for brands will be determined. Trakya Technopark, which attracted attention with the new project, and Google Premier Partner Agency Destex Digital adds a new dimension to the ever-developing game industry.

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