TikTok Changes Its Privacy Policy: It Will Collect Biometric Data!

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TikTok Changes Its Privacy Policy: It Will Collect Biometric Data!

Chinese video sharing app TikTok has updated its privacy policy. The application will then collect the Biometric data of the users. However, no clear explanation has been given about where and how these data will be used.

Popular social media network TikTok came up with a new vulnerability. With its new “Privacy Policy” update, TikTok will now be able to collect users’ biometric data. It remains unclear how TikTok will use this data it collects.

TikTok recently updated its privacy policy page with a new “Image and Sound Information” section. Among other things, it reveals that TikTok can now collect biometric data from its users. For some reason, TikTok has avoided explaining why it needs this data or what it plans to use it for.

Launched in 2018, the TikTok application quickly dominated the global market. The TikTok app has created a new build that allows creators to create and upload short-form videos.

Thanks to this structure, users can shoot short videos and publish them quickly. Because the system is built on a stream, many videos uploaded to the application reach a large audience.

TikTok Changes Its Privacy Policy: It Will Collect Biometric Data!

While the success of TikTok cannot be denied, this application, especially the recent emergence of security vulnerabilities, has caused many countries to ban TikTok.

Many countries, especially the USA and India, intervened in the application on the grounds that TikTok breached data and leaked information.

TikTok Image and Sound Information section said in a statement; ” The company may collect information about the images and voices of users in order to identify the presence and location of persons. Facial and body features and attributes, and the nature of the voice and user may need transcripts of the words spoken in your content.” Immediately after the announcement, TikTok reported that it will use this state to enable video effects.

TikTok Doesn’t Explain Why It Needs Biometric Data!

Biometric information such as a person’s fingerprint, voice or face is extremely sensitive and personal data. If an app or website wants to collect it, there must be a good reason. At least at the moment TikTok has not made any new notification on this subject.

Instead, it states, “As part of our commitment to continued transparency, we have recently updated our Privacy Policy to provide more clarity about the information we may collect.”

Due to this change in the privacy policy of the Tiktok application, it caused many reactions in the global market. TikTok stated that it will not use this data it collects for any malicious purpose, but only to make the application more useful and usable, such as new video effects, the number and age of people sharing content, and ad suggestions. However, looking at the company’s history, users think that this situation will not be so innocent.

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