Top-10: Signals from Space – News

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Top-10: Signals from Space - News

Mankind has investigated everything, including whether there will be life in space.

Mankind has investigated everything, including whether there will be life in space. With the development of technology, this curiosity has become more concrete. Of course, a question is whether we are just looking for aliens or whether they are looking for us. Some signals came to our planet from space.

In 1965, the Soyvet Astrophysicists Kardashev and Shklovkyy received a very strong signal, but then it turned out to be a quasar (high energy glowing universe).

2. Jocelyn Bell Burnell was a recurring radio got the signal. But then it turned out that Burnell had discovered the first Pulsar star.

3. Viking 1 Mars spacecraft came across examples of nutritious metabolism. This was proof that there could be life on Mars. But after 3 tests, two of them were inconclusive and one was negative.

4. Let’s get to the famous ‘Wow’ signal. This is perhaps the most famous signal in the world. On August 15, 1977, Ohio University’s Big Ear was detected as a narrowband radio signal on the radiotelecope. It was understood that the signal was out of the Solar System. The signal lasted about 72 seconds. The signal was named ‘WOW’, which appeared in the computer output.


5. In 1998, the Areciib telescope in Puerto Rico discovered a signal. After 10 minutes, it was understood that the repeating signal was coming from the earth.

6. Let’s get to the Seti @ Home signal, which is another famous signal. In 2004, there was a huge burst of signals from the Pisces and Aries Constellations. The source of the signal is still a matter of debate today.

7.An unusual space event occurred on the Tabby Star in 2015. Although the researchers thought it to be a comet, they haven’t yet produced any results.

8. On May 15, 2016, a signal from the constellation Hercules was captured by a radio telescope called Ratan-600. Researchers have not yet figured out whether this is a space event or came from an advanced civilization.

9. Since 2012 a signal named ‘FRB 121102’ repeats itself approximately every 150 days. No decision has yet been made about the signal from a dwarf galaxy 3 billion light years away.

10.In 2017, radio signals lasting up to a few milliseconds came from the Auriga constellation. The signals are thought to come from about 3 billion distances.

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