TSMC Will Hire 1000 People To Produce 5nm Processors!

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Huawei, Avrupa Pazarında İlk Monitörünü Satmaya Hazırlanıyor

Founded in 1987 based in Taiwan, TSMC is the world’s largest independent semiconductor processor manufacturer. Among the customers of the company, which is in a leading position in the market; Apple, Qualcomm, NvidiaThere are technology brands such as AMD, MediaTek.

Before being banned by the USA HuaweiWas TSMC’s second largest customer. Its first customer is Apple company. Therefore, the US government’s instruction to prohibit all companies using US technology from sending parts to Huawei was expected to affect TSMC’s revenue. However, the world’s largest semiconductor processor manufacturer has begun to receive new orders that will not feel Huawei’s absence.

TSMC Will Hire 1000 People To Produce 5nm Processors!

The Taiwanese Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) is reportedly looking to expand its production space for incoming new orders, and therefore plans to place more than a thousand engineers in its factory in South Taiwan Science Park.

One of the main reasons for this demand in the field of processors was shown as the intense demand for computers and phones experienced during the coronavirus pandemic. TSMC makes its plans every year, but the company has become unable to keep up with the demands due to the intensity of demand this period.

Thanks to the extra workforce, the company wants to increase the production of 60,000-70,000 parts per month to 120,000 parts per month for processors with 5 nm capacity. Most of their orders to the TSMC company are on 5nm chips used for the latest flagship processors such as the Snapdragon 888. 5nm chips come with a greater transistor density and number of transistors, giving them greater power and energy efficiency compared to older chips.

TSMC is currently; Apple A14 Bionic manufactures 5nm processors for MediaTek, Samsung Exynos series, AMD and Qualcomm Snapdragon. The last supply of 5nm chips to Huawei occurred in mid-September 2020, after which it stopped taking orders from the Chinese tech giant due to the US embargo. The increase in the 5nm processor order ensured that Huawei’s loss would not affect the company’s revenue.

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