Turkey to Establish meteorological station in space

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Turkey to Establish meteorological station in space

Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Bekir PakdemirliStating that they have worked intensively on meteorological observation satellites, he said, “We are already creating our own meteorology satellite and plan to send it to space. We are developing our ideas such as establishing a meteorological station in space and already presenting our vision,” he said.

This year’s theme is ‘Ocean, Climate and Air’ by the General Directorate. 23 Mart World Meteorology Day Due to the program was organized.

Minister Pakdemirli stated that approximately 79 percent of natural disasters between 1970 and 2019 were directly or indirectly related to meteorological events by the World Meteorology Organization.

Pakdemirli said: “It was stated that 56 percent of the deaths and 75 percent of the economic losses as a result of these natural disasters were caused by meteorological disasters. Therefore, I say ‘meteorology is dreamer, it saves lives.’ That is, every meteorological data protects thousands of lives. and saves. “

“But we want our lives to be protected more, these disasters do not cause any death. For this reason, we have put into use many applications for all our citizens and all sectors to instantly access meteorological data. Today, we can easily access all these data by downloading the meteorology mobile application on our mobile phone. “


Pakdemirli stated that they have made great strides in the field of meteorology in the last 19 years:

“While in 2002 only 81 provinces were forecasted daily and 3 days, today we publish hourly, daily, 5-day, weekly, monthly and seasonal forecasts of our 81 provinces and daily and 5-day detailed weather forecasts of 972 districts. We have increased the number of meteorology observation systems to 2 thousand 47 with the tremendous work we have done in the last 19 years. “

“Again in 2002, we increased the number of our meteorology radars to 18 and our Automatic Meteorology Observation Station to 711. We increased the number of meteorology observation stations to 74. In our seas, we increased the number of buoys and Marine Automatic Meteorology Observation Stations to 88 points. We have installed 2 Naval Radars on the Anatolian and European sides of Istanbul. “

Minister Pakdemirli said that they have implemented very important projects in the last 19 years and said, “We have been working intensively on meteorological observation satellites. We are already preparing our own meteorological satellite and sending it to space. .

Source: Space Mage Turkey

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