Turkish Astronaut’s Training Process Will Begin Soon”

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Turkish Astronaut's Training Process Will Begin Soon"

Serdar Hüseyin Yıldırım is in the headlines in the world press… According to the world-famous space site Space.com, the Space Agency President, who participated in the Global Space Research Conference (GLEX) in St Petersburg, Russia, Turkey’s

serdar Huseyin YildirimIn the headlines of the world press…

World-famous space According to the website Space.com, RussiaHead of the Space Agency, who attended the Global Space Research Conference () in St Petersburg, TurkeyHe gave information about ‘s space program.

Turkey’s plans for a hard landing on the Moon in 2023 and a rover on the Moon in 2028 have already been written and drawn.


However, there was talk that a Turkish astronaut would be sent to the International Space Station, but it was not detailed.

Here, Yıldırım clarified this issue.

Speaking to Tereza Pultarova, Yıldırım said, “We are in talks with the parties. We will end the negotiations soon. It will be over in a few months. And the training process will begin.”

Source: Space Mag Turkey

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