Twitter announced that it would create a legal personality in Turkey Description

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Twitter, Türkiye

Social media platform Twitter, “Twitter’s TurkeyWe have decided to create a legal entity in order to make it available to everyone who uses the platform. “

Twitter’s official blog account from the “Update on Twitter in Turkey” was held under the title description.

In a statement giving details of the grounds to create Twitter’s legal personality in Turkey, to serve the public chat of the platform’s mission and services can establish people’s connections, reliable information to find and stated that their world is to ensure that a place where you can express anywhere.

In the statement, “Open İnternetWe are determined to protect and defend. As part of this work, we call for the establishment of regional and global standards for online services. Spherical and non-segmented structures; We believe it protects online communities and their rights, and enables online communities to experience the internet the same way around the world. In addition, in an open and competitive environment, smaller companies can thrive as well as working with large companies. “

“We decided to create a legal entity to ensure that Twitter remains open in Turkey”

entered into force on 1 October 2020, Turkey “Regulation of Internet of Things Published Media and the Law Amending the Law on Combating Crimes Committed by means of Such Publications” ade-mentioned description, the following was recorded:

“Turkey in our ongoing efforts to provide services, we examined the modified 5651 Internet Law shortly before the close. We decided to create a legal entity to ensure that it remains open to everyone uses Twitter’s platform in Turkey. While this decision is clear and We learn our directory containing the basic mission of providing our service to the public talk on defense and offered to people everywhere. We are determined to protect their ideas and data of people using Twitter in Turkey.

We will continue to be transparent about how we handle requests from government and law enforcement. Twitter is built on freedom of expression and we respect people’s universal right to express their opinions online. We have a defined human rights purpose on Twitter and we organize our processes, products and policies in an accountable manner. As always, we are and will apply our rules in an impartial and discreet way. protect public chat in Turkey, people will continue to work to strengthen and defend our values ​​to access this chat. “

Source: Anadolu Agency / Abdulkadir Günyol

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