What Do Saturn Rings Do?

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What Do Saturn Rings Do?

Saturn is the planet named after the Roman god of agriculture. What makes Saturn interesting is the rings around it. So how were the peoples of Saturn formed?

Saturn name Roma in mythology Agriculture The planet that receives from God. What makes Saturn interesting is the rings around it. So, “How did the peoples of Saturn form? Why doesn’t our Earth have a ring?” You will find answers to such questions in this article.

Saturn does not have a single ring. Saturn has a total of 7 rings. (The main rings are called A, B, and C, while the other rings are called D, E, F, and G.) Saturn’s rings are made up of rocks and ice.

Some of these boulders are the size of a small stone and some are the size of a bus. Most of Saturn’s rings are made up of glaciers.


The ages of Saturn’s rings are unknown. But the dense ice in their people is thought to have formed before the formation of the Sun. The Cassini satellite, which conducts research on Saturn’s moon Titan, gave information on Saturn’s ring. Saturn has about 60 moons.

With the formation of Saturn’s rings, there are two theories. The first is the theory that Saturn formed with its rings. However, this theory was disproved by the Cassini and Voyager moons to Saturn. Because the objects that make up the peoples of Saturn disappear over time and new ones come in their place. The other theory is that peoples were formed when an asteroid orbiting Saturn crashed into a satellite of Saturn and completely shattered it.

Source: Space Mag Turkey

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