What is Clubhouse? We explain the chat application that only invitees can join.

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What is Clubhouse?  We explain the chat application that only invitees can join.

This invite-only, audio-based iPhone app is like legally listening to someone else’s phone call. Here’s what you need to know about Clubhouse.

Wondering why you’ve heard so much about Clubhouse lately? Similar to the “Gamestonk” controversy, we can partially blame Elon Musk. The richest man in the world (for now) showed great interest in the service by appearing in a Clubhouse room in January. (Bill Gates did the same recently.) Here’s what you need to know about the private chat app everyone’s talking about.

What is a clubhouse?

The bottom line is this: Imagine you have an app on your phone that allows you to listen to other people’s live conversation. But not in an eerie way; these people want to be heard. They may even be famous or at least interesting or knowledgeable (though there is no guarantee). and you may have the opportunity to join the conversation. Think of this as a voice chat social network. So no pictures or videos?

No. There are only profile pictures for each user.

Where can I get the Clubhouse application?

Clubhouse is currently only available on iOS. Any iPhone user can download the app.

Great so I can sign up, right?

No! At the time of this writing, you need to receive an invitation from an existing Clubhouse user to gain access. Each new user receives two invitations and the more they use the app, the more they earn. Ask if they have any friends. You can buy an invitation on eBay or try out “prepay” invitation chains, but be wary of the fraud invitation. It may be best to wait for the Clubhouse to open up to the world.

Can I use Clubhouse on iPad?

Sure, but it’s not optimized for iPadOS. So you will use the application in a small window or look at it oddly enough, zoomed in at 2x.

Don’t have it on Android? ONE MOMENT!

An Android application is under construction. Developers want to slowly scale up, and there are more Android users than iPhone users around the world. Starting from Android might have killed Clubhouse servers after a teaser (such as Musk in a room). Still, reaching 3 million users in a short time – see chart above – is a huge growth.

Naturally, you will benefit from this. Joinclubhouse[.]A fake website at mobi has already distributed a Trojan horse program pretending to be Clubhouse for Android. A program that tries to steal your login information for about 500 online services. Be very careful.

So is all I need is the app? No website?

The only website owned by the company is joinclubhouse.com and it’s just a pointer to the Apple App Store. (Don’t confuse this service with clubhouse.io either. This is a project manager.)

How much of my data does the Clubhouse want for registration?

You must give the Clubhouse your phone number and real name (in theory). Before receiving an invitation, you can save your desired username for the service. The person inviting you needs your phone number. You will receive a link via text telling you to visit joinclubhouse.com/app and sign in with this number.

If you do not want to create a profile from scratch, link your Twitter account to Clubhouse; It will even capture your current Twitter profile picture. Clubhouse also forces you to connect your contacts to make it easier to find people to follow. If you don’t have a contact list full of influencers, don’t bother. After logging in, verify your email address with the service so you have it as a method to reconnect if there is a problem.

Before why newsim not working? When was it released?

The Clubhouse entered Service in March 2020 (with COVID in the USA!). Much like real-world club membership, it has become a huge trend for an elite minority in part because it is privileged for invitees only. In the early days, the practice was an incredibly small community of mainly venture capitalists. After all, Clubhouse – Alpha Exploration Co. – The company behind it received a $ 12 million investment from Andreessen Horowitz after two months of existence. It quickly reached $ 100 million and had only 1,500 users at the time. It is now open to many more investors, even with invite-only access.

What should I listen to at the Clubhouse?

When you finally access, the app offers a page full of conversation topics you can follow, from sports to technology, world affairs, belief, “hustle and bustle”. You will find people interested in the same thing in each and you can follow them. The more topics you follow and the more likely you are to receive suggestions for a room that suits your desires.

Conversations not permanent?

Chat rooms pop up and shut down. The Clubhouse says she records conversations as they happen, but only hides them in case someone makes a complaint while the room is alive. If no one reports an incident during the chat, Clubhouse says that he canceled the recording as soon as the host closed the discussion. Of course users find many ways to save conversations for their own purposes. The Internet is still endless.

How many people can there be in a conversation?

The current limit is 5,000 people per Clubhouse room – Musk caught that, of course. Users in this room started streaming the conversation live on YouTube as a smart solution to record what was said.

What is really meant by conversation? Isn’t it like a podcast?

This depends on your podcast preferences, but remember – all the people involved are talking through their iPhones, not fancy audio setups. They don’t see each other, so it’s really like listening to a phone call. Professional editing, sound effects, no transitions and no ads (at least officially). However, the “style” of the conversation is flexible: one room can be one-on-one casual between friends, while the other is a more formal talk show-style interview, a large group discussion, or even a music-sharing session. If an interesting person like a billionaire falls into a room, the room creator / moderator can put him on the stage as a speaker.

So can I just listen?

Not necessarily. Almost anyone who listens can “raise their hand”. It depends on the creator / moderator of the room if they want to let you speak.

It looks more like Zoom without video.

In some ways, of course … or you can always Zoom or Google Meet without opening the video. However, Zoom meetings are not open to the public by default. Clubhouse conversations are open to all members who can find it, not a select few. The virtual lectern is limited and hopefully promises people who have something important or interesting to say. Also, not having to look at the screen while talking is a nice change from today’s everyday video calls.

Who will really use the Clubhouse?

Right now, Clubhouse is for those who love to talk and miss their audience – like needy celebrities – or just want to fly away near interesting conversations. Clubhouse might just be the ointment they need in another COVID winter. Eventually, as it grows and becomes important, it could be a new environment that we all have to keep an eye on.

A minute! Are there celebrities too?

Yes, Kevin Hart, Drake, Tiffany Haddish, and a handful of others drive it. In fact, the app is becoming particularly popular in the Black entertainment community. Haddish was the first person to get 1 million followers in the Clubhouse, which should say that the service far surpasses the record of 1500 users. But this can play out in the “assertive, influence-chasing atmosphere” we noted in our review.

Do third parties make any Clubhouse extensions?

Yes, but this is not easy as there is no application programming interface (API) for developers to really connect things to the Clubhouse experience. For example, Direcon wants to help you with analytics for Clubhouse convos ($ 50 a month), but initially that meant a little too much exposure to user information. There are a few other tools like soundboards (each speech makes use of sound effects), a Telegram-based speech recorder, audience Q&A boards, Clubhouse-specific link shorteners, and a number of apps for adding a ring of colors to your Clubhouse avatar. All of this suggests that Clubhouse needs to make a decision about an API soon.

What are the disadvantages of Clubhouse?

The service already had some issues with hate speech and harassment, so in October the community had to set up moderation guidelines. He made a common mistake – believing that users can trust that they are not stupid. Idiots will always come out and be indifferent.

It was blocked in China as of February 8, 2021, as it offered the government a little too much freedom of expression. This is only a disadvantage if you live in China.

A bad news More: The service has already experienced its first data breach after a third-party developer in China tried to create an invite-free version of Android from Clubhouse.

Privacy can also be an issue. As Inc.com reports, Clubhouse does not state how long it retains these records of complaints (all it says “when the investigation is complete”) or who has access to them at the company. Clubhouse collects other information about you not only from what you post (your contacts and social media) but also from what others post (contacts and social media). Like cookies, it always follows you with all the usual tricks.

What if I want to leave this club?

Previously, you had to email “[email protected]” to get rid of Clubhouse, but after user complaints, you can now deactivate your account by going to Settings> Account> Deactivate Account.

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