What Is Dark Matter and Why Is It Important?

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What Is Dark Matter and Why Is It Important?

Did you know that there is a substance that makes up a large part of the universe and still cannot be resolved by scientists? So what is this dark matter? Why is it important?

Dark matter according to astrophysics radio waves, visible light, x-rays, etc.) does not interact, its existence only has a gravitational effect on other substances.

Matter isn’t actually dark. Unobserving scientists called it ‘dark’.

Thanks to the advancing technology, we discovered many galaxies and star systems. At first, it was thought that a large body rotating nearby objects (planet, dwarf planet, etc.) rotated fast, and those spinning away were slow. But this information was found to be wrong.

This revealed that an invisible mass existed.

So why is dark matter important?

The importance of dark matter affects the motion of the stars of the planets.


The discovery of dark matter revealed that we only observe 10 percent of our galaxy. We cannot see the remaining 90 percent.

Dark matter research continues. Why is monitoring important? Observation of dark matter is related to the basic structure of the universe and subatomic particles. Dark matter Einstein’s theories of the speed of light are relevant.

If we figure out what dark matter is, maybe we can reach the speed of light and travel in time.

What we cannot see in the universe does not mean that they are not there.

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