What Will Twitter’s Super Follow Feature Gain Users?

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What Will Twitter's Super Follow Feature Gain Users?

More details are starting to emerge about Twitter’s superfollow “Super Follows” feature. Twitter will offer content creators a way to make money with its super following feature. However, you have to fulfill certain conditions in order to earn.

Twitter continues to offer innovations to its users with its Super Follow feature. The company has been using the platform especially recently. kar He is working on different ways to achieve it. It was announced that his new project super follow “Super Follows” feature.

Thanks to this feature, users will be able to charge some people and earn with special content. While Twitter will show content creators the way to make money, it will also be making a big income with its advertising deals.

Researcher Jane Manchun Wong started sharing new information about how the super tracking feature will look and its system.

According to Wong, Twitter explained that some steps must be taken to use the super follow feature. Among these steps, you must first be an individual over the age of 18 and send a minimum of 25 tweets within 30 days. Of course, you must have at least 10,000 followers on your user page.

Twitter’s effort on Super Follows stands out as an example of the work done to reshape the platform.

To maximize the user experience, the company will be introducing new features such as the Birdwatch community-based misinformation initiative and a “Security mode” that protects users from abuse.

Twitter users Spaces will allow you to have new functions such as sound rooms.

What Will Twitter’s Super Follow Feature Gain Users?

One of Twitter’s ways of making money is not with the superfollow feature. In addition, new ways such as Twitter Blue subscription service and Tip Jar feature and ways to generate income will continue to offer its users.

Twitter first aims, users will be asked to improve their page to earn money and users will have to advertise to achieve this goal.

The images look like screenshots of creator-oriented pages embedded in the Twitter mobile app, providing information about Super Follows and showing the registration process.

What Features Will Super Follows Have?

The feature is described by Twitter as “Paid subscriptions for your busiest followers” and as a way to support creators who want to “build their followers and monetize”.

Twitter reiterates that creators using Super Follows can charge a monthly fee to provide exclusive content to subscribers. They will also receive a tag or badge to indicate their “Super Followers” status.

He reports that Twitter’s own earnings estimator program will give creators an idea of ​​how much revenue the feature will generate each month.

They will be divided into a wide variety of categories that the creators themselves will choose. Additionally, it will ask for information including the application process shown, other content creation platforms used, how creators intend to use SuperFollows, and demographic details.

It has not been clearly announced when the Super Follow “Super Follows” feature will be officially released. However, this new revenue stream is said to need further development.

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