WhatsApp Is Testing A New Feature For Media Sharing

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WhatsApp started releasing a new update for users registered in the Beta program on Thursday, February 25th. Of this update Android It has been announced that is the test version and will only ship to some of its beta users. The main purpose of this update is, media to create a new layout for the share menu.

WhatsApp will begin testing a small change in the layout of the screen to send media files such as photos, videos, and GIFs from this release. The novelty has not been revealed to WhatsApp users yet, but the latest version of the app has seen innovation.

WhatsApp Is Testing A New Feature For Media Sharing

As you can see in the screenshots above showing the old version on the left and the current version on the right, the text entry area is now an oval message bubble. In addition, more media file add icons are now included in this “bubble”. The symbol for sending the file and message has also changed slightly. In addition to a new alignment for the text input icon, its size has been slightly reduced. Moved from the lower left corner to the right end of the footer.

This new feature is not yet publicly available, but the WABeta Bilgi team has already managed to access the change based on the messaging source code. It should be noted that even if your application is in version, you will not be able to see this for now. In line with the end of the beta tests of the WhatsApp Team, the new feature will begin to reach users.

Until now, there is no information on when WhatsApp will implement this change. The development team is always experimenting with new features that will never reach the final application. It is worth noting that recently the application has also started testing the option to mute video files before they are sent to a chat. Also, the iOS version of the app is testing a new exit option.

WhatsApp Will Limit Users Who Do Not Accept New Policies!

WhatsApp is caught in the middle of an intense debate due to the recent pressure Facebook is putting on strong policy changes. While the company is expected to suspend and revoke this policy, he said it is determined to change its privacy policies with a new statement. According to a recent report, WhatsApp messenger can delay or limit messages for users who refuse to accept the app’s new terms. In fact, it can even prevent a user from reading new messages. This is why many of the users’ community move to other platforms.

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