WhatsApp will close the messages of users who refused the new privacy agreement

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WhatsApp will close the messages of users who refused the new privacy agreement

WhatsApp’ta 15 MayUntil, users who do not agree to the confidentiality agreement regarding data sharing will not be able to send or receive messages. The accounts of these users will be defined as “inactive accounts”.

It is stated that inactive accounts can also be deleted after 120 days.

Calls and notifications on WhatsApp will continue to work “for a short time” after May 15th.

But technology the newsTechCrunch wrote that this period will be limited to only “a few weeks”.

WhatsApp had updated its privacy agreement in January.

WhatsApp lost a large number of users

This change is the umbrella organization of WhatsApp this way FacebookIt caused a reaction from users who thought they would share more data with.

In a statement made after WhatsApp, it was stated that this was not true and that the change was necessary to ensure payments to businesses.

WhatsApp currently shares information with Facebook, such as its IP address and purchases made through the platform.

This update does not include Europe and the UK. A different confidentiality agreement applies to member states of the European Union and the UK.

After WhatsApp’s first announcement, millions of people turned to similar platforms such as Telegram and Signal.

WhatsApp shifted the deadline for the adoption of the new contract to May 15 on February 8, following the reactions of its users.


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