Why Do We See Space as Dark? News

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Why Do We See Space as Dark?  News

The universe contains billions of stars and planets.

The universe contains billions of stars and planets. Yet, even though there are so many objects, most of the universe is made up of empty space. All of this space is dark. Have you ever wondered why we see the universe as dark?

Our world is harmful to us space It is covered with the atmosphere that protects it from objects. Harmful rays from the sun are scattered in the atmosphere. This event allows us to see colors. Since there is no atmosphere in space, light travels in a plane until it hits a certain place. When light hits an object, we see colors.

There is no atmosphere in space strong enough to see the light when it hits an object. There are also gamma rays in space that we do not see. Since our eyes cannot see this light, we cannot see the light. There are also many lights that do not reach us because our universe continues to grow and is infinite. As the universe grows, the wavelength of light gets longer.


Therefore, the light of the stars is also moving away. This extends the wavelength of light. This phenomenon is called the Doppler effect.

According to another paradox, the universe is not infinite. Before the Big Bang, there was intense light in the universe. As the universe expanded, it began to cool. The distances at which the light must travel from the source increased.

Because of these events, we see our universe as dark with luminous celestial bodies.

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