Winking Star Discovered! – News

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Winking Star Discovered!  - News

The flashing star, captured by the VISTA telescope in Chile, has puzzled scientists.

The flashing star, captured by the VISTA telescope in Chile, has puzzled scientists.

Blinking 25,000 light-years away, the star, VVV-WIT-08, caught the eye of astronomers from somewhere near the center of the Milky Way and is on the agenda.

“Why do the stars go out?” We’ve talked about things like this before. It is normal for them to go out, and without delving into the subject, let’s come to why this star suddenly shines while it is fading. An international group of astronomers witnessed a very rare event while tracking the drop in the light rate of this star.

According to scientists, VVV-WIT-08, which started to shine brightly when saying “it’s out, it will go out”, may belong to a new class of stars.

Or did another object pass in front of you?

Is something passing in front of you?

Unfortunately, given the size and location of this giant star, this is not possible, but according to researchers who have made another explanation based on this idea, a giant star 100 times larger than the Sun is temporarily destroyed by an as yet unseen orbital companion every ten or twenty years They believe it may belong to a new class of ‘blinking giant’ binary star systems that have gone dark.


Researchers from the University of Edinburgh, the University of Hertfordshire, the University of Warsaw and Andres Bello University also contribute to the research conducted by the Cambridge Institute of Astronomy.

So why is this star named WIT? WIT, short for “what is this?”

Since there is no black object that will randomly pass in front of this giant star in this dark region, and when compared to the fluctuations of the light of similar giant stars, it is seen that it does not meet the previously known criteria, ‘what is this?’ It was included in the WIT category.

They’re trying to find the source, of course, but all we know right now is Dr. Here’s what Leigh Smith had to say:

“This friend, which we have not seen yet, may be another star or even a planet. This star or planet, which is surrounded by an opaque disk that is opaque, blocks this giant star and causes a kind of eclipse, thus causing it to appear and disappear in the sky.”

It’s not hard to see astronomers chasing something brand new!

Let’s see where VVV-WIT-08 will take us…

As Spacemag Turkey, we always say… Space is full of surprises…

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