Winter Test Center to be established in Erzurum will test strategic products domestically

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The science base in eastern Anatolia Ataturk University Technopolis ATA setup phase switched to Winter Test Center specifically aimed at testing the products in strategic areas in Turkey.

Science base of Eastern Anatolia Ataturk University With the Winter Test Center, which started the installation phase in ATA Teknokent, especially the products in the strategic area TurkeyIt is intended to be tested in.

ATA Teknokent General Manager Prof. Dr. Ayhan Çelik stated to the AA correspondent that around 100 companies in the technopolis, which was established in 2010, are working in many areas such as health, orthopedics, biotechnology, agriculture, animal husbandry, engineering and construction. Çelik stated that they provide companies with all kinds of projects and expert support, and they especially want large companies to open companies here.

Pointing out the convenience provided by the state to companies in many issues, Çelik said, “Our aim is to produce products with high added value here. We bring together the professors and employers to transfer the knowledge of the university. We support the construction of joint projects. We continuously organize trainings for this.” said.

Eastern Anatolia and ErzurumStating that they have very special projects peculiar to Turkey, Çelik stated that, with their work called “Techno Entrepreneurship”, people with a business idea take their projects, examine them and send them to TÜBİTAK, and those who are liked from them have started production.

“We want to be a regional technopolis”

Stating that they attach great importance to the patent issue, Çelik pointed out that 17 projects have been applied for patents until 2017 at the 60-year-old university, currently over 100 and will increase further.

Stating that he has dreams about the future in terms of both the region and Erzurum, Çelik stated that in this sense, he has been working on Incubation Centers in the provinces.

Expressing their desire to open ATA Technopolis to the region, Çelik said, “With the work we will do, an incubator will be established in places such as Ağrı, Ardahan, Iğdır and Kars. These can also work under us. An operator in Ağrı can establish a company in Teknokent. It will establish when it is realized. They will work under us. Because we want to be a regional technopolis. ” he spoke.

“We are establishing an R&D Cafe”

Explaining that there are R&D Cafe projects in ATA Teknokent, Çelik said that this is an important work for entrepreneurs and industrialists.

Stating that they will design a large area for him in the university, Çelik said, “We are working on his project. There will be teachers here. There will be students. There will be the city. There will be all non-governmental organizations in the city. They will come and chat here. We want the project ideas to come out at the end of these conversations.” said.

“It will be the first in Turkey”

Steel working on a big project that expresses what is important for Turkey, Winter Test Center study indicated that the valuable both in terms of brain drain in terms of both employment.

Noting that the center can serve both in the military and civilian areas, Çelik said:

“Our Center will be tested military and winter conditions the suitability of the material to be produced in civilian areas. Currently no such test center in Turkey. Here you produce rubber, dormitories sent out. You produce a generator, it is not known how it works in two thousand altitude. UAVs, SIH to ‘s, we have studies on them. “

The project, Industry and the Ministry of Technology transmitted to and Pointing to do feasibility then turn positive feedback, “will be the first in Turkey. Especially our strategic Our products are produced in the area will provide hope to test in Turkey. We are here prevents go elsewhere in the brain. We want to make a major contribution to employment . ” he spoke.

Çelik added that they wanted to establish a laboratory at graduate level, that they wanted master’s and doctoral theses to be done here, and that they had studies on this.

Source: Anadolu Agency / İsmail Hakkı Demir

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