Women academics track night butterflies in Amanoslar

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Kadın akademisyenler Amanoslar

Hatay Mustafa Kemal University (MKU) Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Plant Protection, Prof. Dr. Feza Can and research assistant Dr.

Hatay Mustafa Kemal University (MKÜ) faculty of Agriculture Professor of Plant Protection Department. Dr. Feza Can and research assistant Dr. Başak Ulaşlı records the night butterflies in their target audience on a special platform they set up at night in the Amanos Mountains, which have been purified from terrorism by the successful operations of the security forces.

Two female academics offer a habitat for wildlife with its geographical structure and climate for a scientific study. Amanostraces the night butterflies.

For this purpose, Can and Ulaşlı begin to observe the night butterflies in the traps they have prepared with the help of the curtain and light they have set up to attract the butterflies in their target audience to the light with the dark weather.

In the study that lasts until the morning hours, the species that need to be identified are separated, taken into tubes and examined in a laboratory environment.

With the support of security forces from time to time, women trace butterflies in the darkness and desolation of the night and record the night butterflies of Hatay with their work.

Prof. Dr. Speaking to Anadolu Agency (AA), Can said that he has been conducting more than 20 years of scientific work to study night butterfly species in Amanos.

Stating that they have recorded hundreds of species of night butterflies so far, Can stated that studies have been carried out to identify various living groups related to the fauna of the Amanos Mountains, which is an important habitat for living creatures due to its diverse ecosystems, but that studies on butterflies are limited to daytime species.

Can said, “We also went down to the field to research night butterflies. Amanos are very large, but we go step by step to examine certain groups. This year, we have selected different families, we are trying to continue our studies on them at night. Our aim is to reveal night butterfly species by using different methods in different regions. ” said.

“It’s a tiring process but we do it very fondly”

Stating that it is very difficult to study night butterflies as a woman, Can explained the difficulty of the work as follows:

“We camp at night as you can see here and we try to observe the butterflies that come at different time intervals until morning. For this purpose, we need to work in the dark so that the light we light can call insects. Therefore, we need to work in nature and in areas far from their habitats. Of course, this situation is also in terms of security. First of all, we get our permission from the security forces of the region we are going to, then we set up our camp, it is not easy of course, sometimes we carry huge generators as light sources, we prepare traps with iron platforms, it is a tiring process but we do it very fondly. There are a lot of night butterflies that can be called hidden night glows. We have the chance to observe different species at different time intervals until morning. “

Stating that they encountered citizens on the land and were supported, Can said that this was their strength and morale.

They receive support from both the security forces and the local community.

Dr. Ulaşlı explained that he has been working on butterflies for about 8 years.

Underlining that they continue their work without harming biodiversity, Ulaşlı stated that after the land survey, the work continues in the laboratory environment.

Ulaşlı stated that watching butterflies in the mountains as two women is both a proud and a very difficult process.

“It is very proud for me and for my professor Feza to protect the values ​​of our country and to work on them. Being doing this job as two women is both challenging, but it gives me pleasure in the happiness it brings. It is a fact that I have had a lot of trouble, this is a fact, but from the environment, from my spouse, from friends. or we get support from law enforcement and villagers, and thanks to these supports, we actually feel a little strong. “

Source: Anadolu Agency / Hüseyin Yıldız

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