Word Document Will Be Turned Into A PowerPoint Presentation With One Click!

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Microsoft is introducing a new feature called Transform that allows Word on the Web users to convert a text-based document into a design-themed PowerPoint presentation.

The new Convert command will be found in Word under File> Convert> Convert to PowerPoint presentation menu options. Users need to open a Word document to convert the file to a PowerPoint presentation. This new feature is in beta version of Microsoft Office 365.

After the Convert option, Word users must choose a design theme for the presentation and then review the result in PowerPoint for the web. New PowerPoint slides will be stored in the user’s OneDrive folder. The Convert feature is currently only available to users in the Office Insiders program and comes with some limitations.

Word Document Will Be Turned Into A PowerPoint Presentation With One Click!

After the release of this innovation, it will use Microsoft’s artificial intelligence to create a Powerpoint presentation containing images, icons, videos, themes and fonts based on all the summarized parts of the document.

According to Microsoft; After Office users open a Word document to test the feature and then click Convert, it will offer many options for a visual representation of its AI.

The conversion is currently available in English only and will not work in Internet Explorer or Apple’s Safari browser. It probably means that Firefox, Chrome, and Microsoft are running on the Chromium-based Edge browser. According to Mohit Anand, a program manager on the PowerPoint team; While the new feature is currently only for Insiders, he says it will soon roll out to all web users.

Unfortunately, Microsoft has not presented a demonstration of how this feature converts a text-heavy Word document into a PowerPoint presentation with digital assets selected by AI.

In January, the researcher at OpenAI, funded by Microsoft, launched Dall-e, a neural network that can generate various images from text-based annotations. Microsoft has been making more use of artificial intelligence in PowerPoint slides for years. In 2019, PowerPoint Designer updated its feature set to advise users where they can create slides around a photo, improve the readability of text, and add icons to presentations.

Microsoft Office 13819.20006 Preview Version Now Available

Recently, Microsoft officially released the new Office Insider Preview Build 13819.20006 for Windows users. Unfortunately, this new Insider Preview doesn’t come with any new features. However, it does bring fixes for some annoying bugs. In particular, it will fix Excel PDF export errors. Also; It also brings fixes for problems in Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Project.

To update to the latest Microsoft Office Insider Preview Build, open any Office program and go to File> Account> Update Options> Update Now.

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