Xiaomi and Oppo Are Very Close To Producing Their Own Processors!

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Xiaomi and Oppo Are Very Close To Producing Their Own Processors!

Chinese technology giants Xiaomi and Oppo want to get rid of the monopoly of processor producing companies such as MediaTek and Qualcomm and to develop processors that are entirely their own production. In this regard, Xiaomi and Oppo are reported to have made great strides and the production process is close.

Many smartphone brands, MediaTek and Qualcomm uses the processors produced by the brand in its smart phones. The fact that these two companies dominate the market alone enables them to determine their pricing policy.

Big companies like Samsung and Apple produce their own processor. Huawei had come a long way in the Kirin processor. But. US sanctions negatively affected this project of Huawei.

Now another Chinese Technology giants, Xiaomi and Oppo It started working on producing its own 5G processor.

Oppo was said to have aimed to create its own 5G processor last year and eventually found the necessary funds to bring the processor to life. Xiaomi is no stranger to processor production. The company produced its first processor in 2017 and named the processor Surge S1. The Surge S1 processor was first used in Xiaomi’s 5c smartphones, but was not successful.

Still, this year Xiaomi confirmed that it is not giving up the idea of ​​creating its own processor and is actively investing in this direction.

Xiaomi and Oppo Will Launch Their Own 5G Processors Soon!

The last to arrive newsAccording to; It is reported that Oppo and Xiaomi are producing a new 5G processor of their own, and the launch of this processor is very soon. These two tech companies will most likely launch their new processors at the end of 2021 or early 2022.

It is said that the biggest support to these two big technology companies will be supported by a company called UNISOC, which is also a chip manufacturer. However, the UNISOC company has not been very successful in producing processors.

The main reason behind Xaomi and Oppo choosing the unheard of company called UNISUC is that it is a Chinese processor manufacturer. The main goal is to take the semiconductor industry in China to a new level. The Chinese are investing huge funds to start mass-producing microcircuits on their own.

It is worth noting earlier that the president of Oppo has confirmed the company’s commitment to produce processors. It also announced that they will start working with major suppliers to develop branded mobile processors.

Xiaomi and Oppo will soon release new 5G processors of their own production. However, processor manufacturing is a laborious and costly process in terms of both time and money. If this production process succeeds, the need for giants like Qualcomm and MediaTek will decrease, and brands such as Xiaomi and Oppo will have a directional stretch in their prices.

Recently, it was reported that Oppo has taken steps specifically to attract staff who can adjust the development of processors. MediaTek’s former employees are known to be at the head of the project, and UNISOC engineers will be the “brains”. Additionally, Oppo is confident it can draw experts from HiSilicon and Qualcomm to its ranks.

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