Xiaomi Developed Artificial Intelligence Supported Earthquake Warning System

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Xiaomi Developed Artificial Intelligence Supported Earthquake Warning System

Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi has developed an artificial intelligence algorithm that warns its users about earthquakes and allows them to monitor the earthquake. The feature, which was first used in China, will come to all Xiaomi devices in the future.

Xiaomi has long been artificial intelligence (Al) supported earthquake He was working on the tracking feature. The company has recently developed a new earthquake warning and monitoring system that warns its users of an upcoming earthquake.

Recently, the company announced that this feature is now available in 25 provinces across China. Xiaomi claims that since the launch of the earthquake early warning function, it has successfully warned more than 35 earthquakes of magnitude 4.0 or higher.

Xiaomi has announced that its smartphones not only receive earthquake warning information, but also gain the ability to monitor earthquakes. The new earthquake monitoring feature uses some form of edge computing technology. To feel these seismic waves, Xiaomi smartphones use the low power sensor. After that, the AI ​​algorithm will calculate the seismic information effectively. Then, users will receive the first alert in case of an incoming earthquake.

Xiaomi Developed Artificial Intelligence Supported Earthquake Warning System

Xiaomi claims that this technology not only saves the cost of earthquake monitoring, but also greatly increases the number of monitoring. The company believes this makes the national earthquake monitoring and early warning network more complete. MIUI OS users can open the manager of Xiaomi smartphone and click the “earthquake alert” function to participate in earthquake monitoring.

According to Xiaomi, the earthquake monitoring function was jointly developed by Xiaomi and Chengdu High-Tech Disaster Mitigation Research Institute. This functionality will eventually come to all Xiaomi phones. Currently, some Xiaomi/Redmi phones and MIUI systems support this feature. It will gradually roll out to more devices in the future.

As of now, it has not been officially announced how accurate the predictions of MIUI earthquake functions are. According to many experts, earthquake forecasting is a very complex process. In fact, earthquakes globally have been reported to be very accurate and difficult to predict successfully.

Xiaomi MIUI “Earthquake Alert” Feature – How Does It Work?

The earthquake “early” warning system uses the time difference of the faster propagating waves to make predictions. Because these waves propagate from deep within the surface and travel very quickly, the warning time is usually in seconds. There is a relationship between the faster longitudinal wave and the slower transverse wave.

Since the longitudinal relatively harmless wave precedes, the arrival time of the associated destructive transverse and surface waves can be quickly estimated. The arrival time difference between these waves is usually very small. Theoretical studies have shown that if the warning time is 3 seconds, the casualty rate can be reduced by 14%. If it is 10 seconds, the casualty rate can be reduced by 39%, and if the warning time is 20 seconds, the casualty rate can decrease by 63%.

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