Xiaomi: Will Start Developing Its Own Electric Car!

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Xiaomi: Will Start Developing Its Own Electric Car!

Xiaomi is said to have experienced a great rise in the recent period and started working to develop new technological products in this field. Recently, the remarkable issue for Xiaomi is shown as the company’s taking new actions to produce its own electric vehicle.

According to a Chinese source, it is said that Xiaomi is quickly starting to implement new projects to create its own electric car. The company is said to start the electric vehicle project within a month or two.

The first question that stuck to mind was whether the company, which introduced a Price-Performance product in many of its devices, will implement the same policy in electric vending machines.

Xiaopeng’s electric cars are said to be similar to the Xiaopeng P7 model, which is a major manufacturer in China. The company will probably build the first series on the models produced by this company. It is said that Xiaomi will include electric cars and many new technologies, including advanced information technology, into its vehicle.

Xiaomi; Will Start Developing Its Own Electric Car!

It is said that Xiaomi will appoint Wang Chuan, its veteran, co-founder and strategy director, as the project manager. It newsIt was reported that there was a big improvement in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange for Xiaomi Group and its shares in the stock market increased by 2.6%.

Its co-founder and strategy director Wang Chuan is said to be a major force for the company and support the rise in the stock market. According to Xiaomi, there could be no more competent person at the beginning of this job than Wang Chuan.

Wang Chuan, Xiaomi’s co-founder and director of strategy, joined the company in 2012 and now heads the Smart TV development team, one of the most profitable departments. Later, it was reported that he worked as a project manager in the HR department and the major home appliances department of the Xiaomi headquarters in China.

Xiaomi: To Improve Your Electric Car Engagement Will Start In!

It was also reported that Xiaomi company held a meeting with Li Bin, the founder of Weilai Automobile, on various issues regarding automobile diversity and product development, and met in February to get ideas.

On behalf of the Xiaomi Group, Wang Chuan reports that he is looking for workers in this area who study technologies and production processes. In terms of talent, Wang Chuan was announced to be in contact with some of the top executives of various automotive companies. It is said that Xiaomi’s electric vehicle is currently in the rumor stage and that the company will switch to electric car development processes from April. Previously different on this topic the news but the production of the vehicle was not started. This time, the company is considering removing all obstacles and producing its first electric car.

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