You Have No Worries, You Have No Desire!

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You Have No Worries, You Have No Desire!

Dune Marathon and Confusing Questions … Hello, dear science fiction lovers.

The Dune Marathon and Confusing Questions …

Hilmi Volkan Güven.

Hello, dear science fiction lovers. I’m here with the second part of the Dune article series.

In this article, I would like to resolve some of the confusions that Turkish science fiction lovers may experience about Dune. Turkey I will try to explain briefly his adventure.

“Sparkle comes from cities, wisdom comes from desert”

“Dune”, which was published in 1965, was unfortunately translated into Turkish only in 1997 by Sarmal publications, and had the chance to appear before Turkish readers.

Unfortunately, apart from the thirty-two years delay, there were some serious errors and troubles in the translation of the series as well.

The series then got a second chance and in the 2000s Kabalcı Publishing House met with the readers again.

Released with a better translation and editing, the original series, the Heraldry Trilogy and Butlerian Jihad Series (with short stories from the series), written by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson, I can say that the sci-fi lovers’ hunger for the series was seriously suppressed.

“A person without worries is a person without desires”

Frank Herbert’in yedi book The series that he planned to write six books (hereinafter referred to as the original series) and the Dynasty Trilogy were re-released, starting in 2015, with a good translation and in a more readable format.

The attention paid to the cover design, translation and editing of the original series in İthaki printing is truly appreciated.

Dune books.

However, unfortunately, I think the cover design of the heraldry trilogy is too straightforward for this series.

“Speaking is not a substitute for doing”

Dune in Turkey relating to a series like this book so much choice and when, book series, which should start and which should you choose to print questions at the forefront of the publishing house.

My personal opinion is to start the series in the following order (and publishers), although not chronologically, and continue.

Original Series (ithaki Publishing House):


Dune Messiah

Dune Children

Dune God Emperor

Dune Heretics

Dune Nuns Council

Dynasty Trilogy (Ithaki Publishing House):

Dune Atreides Dynasty

Dune Harkonnen Dynasty

Dune Corrino Dynasty

Jihad Series (Kabalcı Publishing House):

Dune Butleryan Jihad

Expedition of Dune Machines

Battle of Dune Corrin

“No warning, no mercy, no uncertainty”

Of course, Dune books aren’t just limited to the above.

However, to talk about the part translated into Turkish, starting from the work (Dune), which we can call the middle of the series, as in the Star Wars movies, ending the original series, and then going back in the Dune universe with the Dynasty Trilogy and Legends Series will increase your enjoyment many times.

Stay on Health.

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