You Will Witness 20 Star Shift per Hour

You Will Witness 20 Star Shift per Hour

It’s time for the Eta Aquarids meteor shower.

Eta Aquarids meteor shower the time has come …

When: May 6th.

First seen: 1870.

Constellation: Aquarius.

Expected date range: 19 Engagement – May 28th.

Source: Comet Halley.

Do not take your eyes off the skies, you can witness 20 stars shifting per hour.


You will neither need a telescope nor a binocular to witness this year’s feast. If you do not have the chance to lie down in your garden with pleasure, it is enough to stretch your head out of the window.

The formation of this brilliant star show is due to the fact that the Earth is passing through the waste cloud that Halley comet left after passing through the inner Solar System in 1986.

Even if we say Thursday, May 6th, you can keep watching before and after Thursday, we guess that enthusiasts can capture exciting images for sure.

Let us remind you of the tips we gave before. Choose places far from city lights and get your eyes used to darkness for at least 30 minutes and… voila!

Source: Space Mag Turkey

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