Zonguldak Grizu Space Team: ‘We are excitedly waiting for our satellite to be launched’

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Zonguldak Grizu Space Team: 'We are excitedly waiting for our satellite to be launched'

ALİ DİNÇ’s interview… “A Zonguldak story stretching from the dark mines to the endless depths of space.” Founded at Zonguldak Bülent Ecevit University, the Grizu-263 Space Team has Turkey’s first pocket satellite.

ALİ DİNÇ’s interview…

“From the dark mines to the endless depths of space Zonguldak story.”

Zonguldak Bulent Ecevit UniversityThe Grizu-263 Space Team, founded in TurkeyIt has ‘s first pocket satellite. and the satellite they prepared will be sent into space by SpaceX in June 2021.

The Grizu-263 Space Team, named after the mine martyrs who lost their lives in Zonguldak Kozlu in 1992, was established in 2016 with the aim of sending satellites into space. The space team, which first started with model satellites, turned to pocket satellites after model satellites.

They are about to reach their targets with the satellites named Grizu-263A that they have produced. In addition, the names of 263 mine martyrs who lost their lives are on the satellites to be sent into space. In this way, they will keep the memory of 263 miners alive with the satellites that will be sent into space by SpaceX.

We talked about the success of the Grizu-263 Space Team with team captain Çağla Aytaç Dursun.

GRIZU-263 Space team captain.

When and how was the Grizu-263 Space Team formed? How many team members do you have?

Hello, I’m Cagla Aytac Dursun. I am one of the two founding captains of the Grizu-263 Space Team. First of all, I would like to thank you on behalf of my team for your interest and interview. Our team, 4 years ago, NASA scientist Dr. After a teleconference with Umut Yıldız, we came together to conduct space and satellite studies, to represent our country and our university in this field, and to chart a path for ourselves in this direction. The team has been on its way for 4 years, growing steadily and adding new successes every day. Our team is currently working on 38 people and 4 different projects.

What is the middle exit process of your Grizu-263A pocket satellite? What is your reason for turning to pocket satellite?

He has been participating in the CanSat Competition, which is the world’s most prestigious Model Satellite competition, held in the United States under the sponsorship of NASA for 5 years. In this competition, we proudly represented our country and our university by achieving the second place in the world two years in a row and the fourth place in the world once. In addition, we completed the TEKNOFEST TÜRKSAT Model Satellite Contest as champions in 2019, and we came in 4th in 2020. Model Satellite competitions are very important for us to train our new friends and prepare them for bigger projects. Every year, we prepare our new teammates for these competitions and renew the team. Our biggest motivation here is sustainable success. We aim to make success a team tradition and ensure that everyone in this team, regardless of the person, can achieve this success, and I think we are successful in this.

When I said bigger projects, I was talking about Turkey’s first pocket satellite, the Grizu-263A, which we will send into space on January 14, 2021. This was a very difficult road for us and we are proud to have completed this project properly. It was very important to achieve such a challenging project at the undergraduate level. We produced all subsystems and software of our satellite in our own laboratory in Zonguldak. The design, production and testing phases of our satellite have been completed. International flight permits have been obtained and our satellite is currently awaiting its launch date in the USA. It will be placed in Low Earth Orbit (525 km. SSO) with SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket and will start its mission. We are eagerly awaiting the launch date.

Your pocket satellite will be launched into space in June, but how did this process develop?

After the design, production and testing activities of our satellite were completed, we delivered our satellite to Scotland-based Alba Orbital in October 2020. In fact, our satellite would be sent into space in January 2021. However, Momentus Space, the main contractor of SpaceX, could not get permission for the launch from the US Government and our launch was postponed to a later date. We are currently waiting for Momentus to obtain the permits and for our launch date to be finalized. Our satellite is currently located at the SpaceX integration center in the United States.

Here is the pocket satellite that will go into space.

What are the future plans of the Grizu-263 Space Team?

After the successful conclusion of our project, we will have run our satellite in space and proved its reliability. This will be a reference for us. We continue to work hard for this goal with determination.

You have Turkey’s first pocket satellite and your satellite will be launched into space. What are your feelings about it? Can you tell us a little bit about that as the team captain?

I can say that it is very proud for me and my team. A satellite will be produced in Zonguldak and this satellite will be sent to space by SpaceX. Even this sentence is like a dream. and we made it happen. We have come to this point by climbing the steps step by step in 5 years. We first convinced ourselves, then our team and our university, and we succeeded. Produced at Zonguldak Bülent Ecevit University, our satellite will soon begin its mission in space, and this is a wonderful feeling.

Finally, is there anything you would like to add?

I don’t want to finish without thanking our university and our Main Supporter, ERDEMİR. They have put a lot of effort on us, they have eliminated many difficulties and enabled us to focus only on our project, and I can say that they contributed to these successes as much as we did. A big thank you to everyone who supported us. We succeeded together, we live this pride together.

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