ZTE: to Focus on Young Customers with S Series!

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ZTE: to Focus on Young Customers with S Series!

ZTE, a smartphone and technology manufacturer, is in China telecommunication It is a large company that manufactures equipment and smartphones. Company social media officially announced the launch of the new ZTE series smartphones through its platform Weibo. The company announced that the new series will be named ZTE S and its launch will take place very soon. Ni Fei, ZTE’s Vice President of Mobile Devices, announced that in addition to its flagship device, the ZTE Axon series, the new and young ZTE S series will launch the devices and shape the future.

Ni Fei announced that 2021 plans to integrate high-quality resources and continue to invest in building brands and establish new channels for business, and this year is very important for ZTE. Focusing on youth, the company aims to reposition itself in the smartphone market and launch devices with unique yet marketable features.

ZTE: S Series Will Appeal to Young Customers! Ni Fei has posted the first photo of the new S series designed for teenagers. Judging from the photographs, the camera of the device appears to resemble a rough meteorite.

Also, the combination of shiny and frosted materials indicates that the device will appeal to the younger generation. However, looking at the comments made for the ZTE S series, it seems that the rear camera design is not very welcome.

ZTE S Series Will Take Its Place In The Market As A Quad Camera Phone! The new phone has been announced that the main camera sensor will be 64MP. The company has announced that the device will have quad camera technology, with the visual it published.

It is known that one of the cameras will have a 16MP ultra wide angle lens. There is no clear statement about the other two lenses, but it is said that these two cameras will be divided into macro and portrait. The new ZTE S series is reported to use a 44-megapixel front camera. Also, the screen refresh rate will reach 144Hz.

It has not been announced which segment the ZTE S smartphones will belong to. However, this series is said to be able to replace the ZTE Blade series and find a place in the mid-segment market. However, it is impossible to make a clear statement as it is too early to say this and no other information other than the camera is fully available.

The main purpose of ZTE company is to create a brand new image among the young generation by launching a quality product. In this context, the new S series could be an important step for the rejuvenation of ZTE.

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